The Perks of Being a Woman

The perks of being a woman are endless and one of them is certainly play/change our routines by dressing or wear something unusual. Accessories are a great way to fade away the dullness of the daily life.


The magnifying glass necklace has been a great companion to light up my melancholic days.


And when I look at my fingers and see them moving around: the deer ring makes me remind of the things that I love: dreamy woodlands, butterflies, wild animals, fairy tales – the world that is hidden behind my eyes… and that makes me wanna keep going!


Wearing jewelry is now way to remind me who I am when I am feeling lost… I know it sounds strange, but everything that I own must to have a meaning, I found this one for all the accessories that I have collected until the present moment…  Wishing you all a lovely week,

***BRB/XOXO, Isa***

Saturday, 18 of February of 2017

Light is attempting to fade discreetly but is still noon, only 5 o’clock, so why start to fade in a such rush?
Night is still so distant from this particular hour, from my notion of time, and as I conjecture about the invention of life, my tea is blowing away a gentle a cloud of steam into the air and blurring the present. But I am not thinking of the past, I am feeling it instead: I am smelling the scent of random moments like a true nostalgic soul. 


It’s all so intensely real and everything starts with me breaking my mother’s womb, taking my first handful breath of fresh air, a disperse sun glance over my pale skin and my enormous brown eyes gazing into this new world. In all of these memories, I don’t regret the first steps that I dared to take, I just regret the way that I/we end up living — chained to a material world that doesn’t truly exist.

The Path for Nourishing your Soul

Some days are uneasy and gray… nor that I don’t enjoy Winter and all it’s grayness, on contrary, I love it… the thing that I sincerely don’t enjoy is the rough way that we are almost forced to live and juggling our daily demands, so more than never we must ground ourselves to the sacred rituals of the soul and find the way to the peaceful realm. With these simple steps, the dull days will fade into a gentle light that trembles quietly whilst we drink a palatable tea.


1 first step – Drink a delicious tea that a dear friend offered you… and appreciate the alluring taste of the different ingredients.


2 second step – Gather the little things that bring you that sense of consolation and enjoy them slowly.


3 third Step – Show your body that you love him and gently spread a mask on your face.


4 fourth step – Surround yourself with light, breath deep and let your heart exhale love …  I am sure that at this moment, you are again reconnected with yourself.

Wishing you all a lovely Friday surrounded by calmness,