The sun is shining these days and I am feeling grateful. Today, I’ve fell in love with so many poems and spoiled myself with a delightful velvety Darjeeling Tea scented with rose. The perfect afternoon, I must say.

O sol tem brilhado e sinto-me grata pela luz que irradia. Hoje, apaixonei-me por tantos poemas escritos nestes livros todos e mimei-me com um aveludado chá Darjeeling perfumado com notas de rosa. Simplesmente perfeito. –

Books to read while staying at home

5 Books To Read While Staying at Home

1 . The woman in white dress, Wilkie Collins.

 I truly enjoyed this reading, it is believed to be the first English crime detection novel.  A victorian era novel that combines romance, mystery and Gothic horror with a psychological twist.



2 . Jane Eyre, Charlotte Brontë.

Reader, I love this book and it will always hold a special place in my heart. Jane Eyre is a heroine because she simply dares to speak what is on her mind. Can you imagine a woman in victorian era doing this? This famous Jane Eyre quote says it all: ‘I am no bird; and no net ensnares me.’ I felt sorry for her childhood story but admired the way she carry on in life, resilient, stoic, it is an inspiring novel that will awaken the heroine in you, no matter how hard it gets, we must keep believing that better days will come has Jane did.



3 . Frida Kahlo, Maria Hesse.

A beautiful biography about Frida Kahlo’s life told and drawn by the talented Maria Hesse. Already review this book and there is an antique post with more details about this book. 

4 . Candide: or The Optimist, Voltaire.

I adore “Candide” because it is fuffilled with adventure, it is a speedy read, and at the very end you experience a vortex of feelings and NOVEL concepts. It transcends literature itself.

5 .  Into the Magic Shop, Dr. James Doty. 

Based on true events, James Doty has a tragic childhood but one day he finds a strange that will change is life forever: Ruth. This lady will teach a small boy how to listen his heart. 

‘When our hearts are wounded that’s when they open.

We grow through pain. ‘

My new Fanzine – Words, Thoughts and Feelings

My first zine filled with my own thoughts and feelings, poetically written and illustrated. Made with love.My first zine filled with my own thoughts and feelings, poetically written and illustrated. Made with love.

An excerpt from my zine: ‘Someone once asked me: “Where do you find contentment when everything fails? I answered: In nature, in all the elevated forms of art and in spirituality.”’

A 12-page zine, color printed with small sketches, diary entries and mix media mediums.

Fanzine com algumas passagens do meu diário, pensamentos e sentimentos escritos de forma poética em inglês.

Ilustrei, passei à máquina de escrever e fiz algumas colagens, no total tem 12 páginas impressas a cor.

Espero que gostem!

Para mais detalhes, por favor consultem a fanzine aqui.

Morning Rituals

Morning essentials. Keep your routines, even if you are staying at home. These small gestures will keep you happy, grounded and less anxious. 🌼🌸

Essências desta manhã, mantém a tua rotina, estes pequenos gestos vão manter-te feliz, motivado e menos ansioso. 🌸🌼

All the Bright Places – A Movie to Watch

‘”I feel a thousand capacities spring up in me.” – Finch quotes Virginia Woolf to Violet. – You’ve got at least a thousand capacities in you. Even if you dont think so.’


‘— Sinto nascer em mim milhares de capacidades …’ – disse Finch para Violet. – Tu tens, pelo menos, milhares de capacidades em ti, mesmo que não acredites. ‘

Believe in yourself and in your capacities!!! This is the message for today: even if you are in disbelief, don’t give up! And watch this movie please, even if it will make you cry.😢

“The problem with people is they forget that most of the time it’s the small things that count.”

From the movie, All the Bright Places, available on Netflix.
Do filme, All the Bright Places, disponível no Netflix.

Acredita em ti e nas tuas capacidades. Está é a mensagem de hoje: mesmo que te sintas descrente, não desistas. E, por favor, vê este filme, mesmo que acabes por chorar!

I’ve recently watched on Netflix this movie called ‘All The Bright Places’ and it’s now on my top movie list. I’ve taken note of some speeches while watching this movie, and this one hit me hard and deep and I’m sure there’s someone out there who needed to hear this today.

Recentemente, vi este filme no Netflix chamado ‘All the Bright Places’ e já o acrescentei à minha lista de filmes favoritos. Eu tenho um caderninho onde escrevo algumas frases que me acrescentam algo e anotei nele algumas falas que ouvi durante o filme. Esta da Virgínia Woolf tocou-me especialmente, talvez porque na maioria das vezes não acredito em mim.


Autumn afternoons – when the the darkness dims the light, when a lighted candle extinguishes the shadows. Librians – the romantics, idealists, lovers, diplomats, we seek beauty and harmony with our strong aesthetic sense. We are sensible souls building an idealistic world.  

I had to share this beauty, this ‘guide to living your best astrological life’ as the author says, wonderfully written and illustrated this book explains the characteristics, peculiarities of our solar sign, how the alignment of the planets, their position at a specific time can influence us, our personality and life. There is a book for each of the 12 zodiac signs, now I want the complete collection!