Washi Tapes: a form of art.

There is something addictive related with washi tapes, I think I’ve saw, for the first time, a washi tape roll on Pinterest, and than, they become more and more popular, and I was suddenly finding posts related with them in every corner of Stationery/Craft Blogs, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr and etc. And it’s almost obvious the origin of these masking tapes… Yes, Japan! Why do I say it’s obvious? Well, they are the masters of improving: embellishing common objects, things that we use in our daily life, and turning them into a form of art. It’s true! Just think in the tea rituals, the kimonos, the zen gardening, Ikebana, Anime, Miyazaki, Yasunari Kawabata, Haikus, everything! They work to achieve perfection, it’s almost cultural. And yes!, I didn’t resist to the beautiful drawings and patterns, I was seduced: so, one day, I’ve decided to look for them on eBay, and I’ve found a vast offer … I was so naïve! I maid my first order and than I couldn’t stop longing for more, the washi tape fever caught me, so now, every time, I see a new pattern that flaters me, I buy it… and I always whisper mentally to myself: “this will be the last one, Isa. You have to stop buying it! You already have enough of it!” But of course, a true compulsive washi tape buyer never has enough! So here are my new washi tapes, they arrived this week and I’m so delighted, I totally love the patterns, special the one with moths and butterflies.




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