How do you accept loss?

Found this book in Lisbon, one year ago perhaps… I was touched by the poetical and melancholic illustrations and the subject of the story.

How do you accept the lost of a friend? The sadness of it?

This book has the answers.

“One morning, the bear was crying. His bird friend had died. The Bear cut a tree  from the woods and build up a little box. With berry juice, he painted the box with a beautiful color and covered the bottom of the box with petals. Than, he placed carefully his little fellow inside. The little bird seemed to be making a brief nap. His coral feathers were silky and his beak bird shined like a onyx stone (…)”

A book from Kazumi Yumoto, illustrated by Komako Sakai. Original Title: Kuma to Yamaneko.



Just Make Something

I’ve been succeed in doing this project that I have idealized in my mind long time ago and I am so happy with the results. Now, I’ve a place to hang beautiful things like old paper ephemera, letters that I am currently writing to my dear pen pals, letters that I’ve received, bouquets with gypsophilas… I’ve placed this frame in my working place, and certainly it will help me to be more creative and inspired by the little treasures that hang there. Our hands are really an amazing gift that the universe offered us… I feel that the reason that we are alive is to create beauty and things that bring us and the ones that we love joy: Small things, the best things…

P.s – Soon will be a video showing how to do this frame, is pretty simple and I don’t even know if I am able to show it, but I will try.



Marie Kondo

I’ve spent all my Saturday taking care of my home. I’m trying to apply Marie Kondo’s method in every corner of it. My biggest resolution of this year is to become a more organized person. There is yet a lot to be done, but let’s see if I am succeed. If you want a happy home, keep only the things that make you happy😊and get rid of the rest.

DSC_0276 (2)DSC_0264

Quiet Shelter

Our belongings translate a small part of our personality and life routines. I am gathering in this photo small treasures that often help me find my quiet shelter. Behind this moment and objects, an unceasing stressful week is elapsing continuously. Nevertheless, I managed to bring this moment to life. I’am tagging too three lovelies and I will ask them to share some objects that would translate a bit of their own personality and life routines, and it would be nice to further tag more lovelies and use the tag #candourmemento in the shared photo. Let’s see 😊 what will happen. @miss_mouse_middleton @madame.sosostris @weepingwillow84