30th of August 2016

Dear Diary,

I wonder: we walk, laugh, grow, and one day we get older! We walk in circles, we walk in inverse processes: today we are younger than tomorrow. We live a lifetime to find out that the contradictions and opposites of this life are too the foundations. Right now, I am inside of an old house: the glass windows are broken and outside I see a garden, a garden that challenges the humanity!  And everything I do is perhaps too.


War and Peace

Screenshot 2016-08-16 12.13.23

I’m currently watching the period costume drama War and Peace, the BBC adaptation from 2015. I love the plans and the photography, the dazzling scenarios,  and sometimes I wish I could steal all the dresses and furnitures… I could take such a pretty photos with them… and decor my house too.

My new Moleskine


 So again, I fall into temptation and bought another little notebook, I have already so many, but I can’t hold myself when I see stationeries, paper or notebooks. This one is from Moleskine. It is so pretty, I love the old rose cover and the way it is bound, it seems bound in a sort of japanese binding style. And this is a plus: it opens perfectly flat, I hate when you can’t seem to open it properly. I simply love it! Here is a page of scraps and words.