Sweet Bean Movie

Lately, I haven’t done nothing more than work and sleep, but yesterday I was searching for a movie to bring some meaning to my empty existence and found this masterpiece from Naomi Kawase. I was immediately drawn by the humble Tokoe and her communion with nature, the respectful way that she looked to the moon and to the Sakuras, her devotion to cooking the delicious dorayaki and the way she listen every single bean’s story before turn them into this sweet food. I fell in love with her kind heart replete of compassion and kindness towards others and to a world that reject her due to her infirmity condition — leprosy. This movie is one of that special occasions when two souls reunite to teach/remember each other the meaning of life throughout the art of preparing the perfect dorayaki.

I shall end my meaningless and poor review of this exquisite movie with a beautiful quote that I heard while I was watching the Sweet Bean:

“We are born into this world to see it and listen to it. Since that’s the case, we don’t have to be someone. We have, each of us has, a meaning to our life.”



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