A Letter to Chiara

“On earth there is sadness inside of the beautiful things.”

Sophia de Mello Breyner Andersen




Catagramma Butterfly

Catagramma – is an obsolete genus of Neotropical butterflies; the name continues to be used e.g. among butterfly collectors as a form taxon. “Catagramma” species are popularly known as “88s”, in reference to a pattern on the hindwing undersides of many that looks like the number 88.

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This Tiny Melancholy

“Who hasn’t felt this melancholy, this tiny thing whose origin is unknown to me.”

Poem by Jorge Barbosa, Momento.

Versão Original em português:

Quem aqui não sentiu
esta nossa
fininha melancolia?


Esta nossa
fininha melancolia
que vem não sei de onde.
Um pouco talvez
das horas solitárias
passando sobre a ilha
ou da música
do mar defronte
uma canção rumorosa
musicada com os ecos do mundo.

Poema Momento de Jorge Barbosa.

Letter to Vibeke


DSC_0192 (1)DSC_0198


I’m that kind of a friend who will forget your birthday, but I always be there when you need it, so what is more important: birthday or always be there?

A letter to my childhood’s friend Vânia, I meet her when I was 10 years old, twenty years have passed and we are here in this life perpetuating our friendship.

I made for her a pastel velvet pink chocker and a postcard as birthday gift. I hope she enjoys it.