Silence and New Dreams

Wednesday, 7th of February 2018

The new year begun and already a month flew by, now it’s February and I am enjoying the silence that travels through my flat’s walls. There is an empty room since my grandma left to live in a retirement house and, for the first time in years, I am experiencing the bliss of solitude (not that I didn’t enjoy her company, but one must accept the life changes and see the big picture, instead of always focusing in details).




I have set new goals for 2018, as I always do, and one of them is to redecorate my grandma’s old room. I am already starting to pick some paper ephemera and postcards from my collection to display on the wall. When I am finished I will share the result with all of you!



The Lucky Clover

Yesterday was being a normal day for me, until I’ve found this four-leaf clover among the plain ones. This discovery reflected a smile on my face and I must confess that it is the first lucky clover that I’ve found in my whole life… I am feeling very powerful right now, and to preserve it, I decided to place it inside of my nature journal.