Sewing the holes

I don’t know what to say… April did go really fast for me, did the same happen with you? I thought that I would enjoy deeply every day of this year, and, on the contrary, what I really feel is that everything is slipping through my fingers, speeding up in a way that I can’t even describe what have happen this year, it seems life is just happening in a numb manner … but maybe the antidote for all these emotions flowing through my skin is to do something…


So, in these two days off from work, I decided to pick up all my clothes that were unstitched in some particular spot and had fixed them. At the end, the constant anxiety about life, my bloody worries, all the emotions that I constantly feel, and that can only be translated into more worrying, were gone. I felt that my anxiety was placed with the satisfying feeling of accomplishment.




These small acts of dedication and commitment to something are a good way to find peace, meditate while we are passing the threads trough the clothes fabrics and, a way to respect the environment, because while we fix a piece of cloth — we know that we are reducing the clothing waste, we become aware what we have inside of our wardrobe and we are being productive. Summerly, I hope this post inspires you to do the same and find quietness in your life which is the most imperative.



Harmonious Tarot

I think 2016 made me want to connect with my higher-self and now I am discovering or, perhaps, rediscovering the ancient arts of divination. In July/August I started to use the pendulum and dowsing science – it was almost instantaneous – I held a pendulum for the first time and it moved easily and now it makes perfect sense to use it my everyday life. But, I want to move further and start to study carefully the tarot ancient art of divination…


This Wednesday, I went to a beautiful shop in Oporto city, called Mundo Místico, looking for a tarot deck that I would felt empathy and this one in the photo, called the Harmonious Tarot Deck, was the first that I set my eyes on. Even after, going through a catalog of various and beautiful tarot decks this was my final choice.


And finally, when I went home and search for more information about this deck and I discovered that the illustration in it belong to the famous victorian artist – Walter Crane. Life is funny, and mysterious…. I am so mad in love with victorian times and it seems that everything pulls me to these gone days.


!!!I am so eager to try it, and get Harmonious like these Tarot drawings and characters.!!!


Wishing you all a nice weekend full of happy spreads, my lovely ones!!!



2nd of November 2016

Dear Diary,

my skin is thirsty for rain, the linger rain that fulfill a whole day without regrets, that comes calmly as Schumann and late as Chopin’s melancholic Nocturnes.
The rain that transforms every wistful sorrow into a musing autumnal feeling. My unquiet life should had been full of quietness from the beginning… but, I was born to be bounded to the ephemeral: to be nothing more than a fading silhouette on your foresight.

Framing Memories

Monday, 24th of October 2016

Dear Diary,

I am always very surprised with myself in the early hours of the morning, everything is so unfamiliar and yet, how many times was I born to live in this insipid place? With my eyes closed, I open the doors that lead me to the olden and shabby corridors which once I was verily acquainted, endless corridors that used to lead me to wonderful and secret places. I close my eyes to listen the distant Schubert and frame these memories in a secure place that I call heart.



Saturday, 23th of October 2016

Dear Diary,

while the rain falls, a curtain of tears blurs the distant landscape: are the skies washing away the sorrows of this world? The howling wind makes all the trees dance, a thunder grumbles hight and in my hands I’m just holding a tea. I feel safe behind of this pear-lace window and in my heart I just wish that life was only this moment.




Find Me

Dear Diary,

one day, I will return to the place that I verily belong and leave all these dead leaves and broken windows behind. I will gave my bonds to the earth, let it consume the heaviness that I carry on my shoulders and, in this moment, I will no longer fear the darkness of the night. I will fall asleep to never wake up and let the earth devour me till dust — so can I, for once, feel something. Only my soul shall remain beyond reproach of these endless loudly voices. One day, it will be the end and I will become a sylph to be nothing more than a rarefy air.


Love Series: A letter to Isa


Dear Isa,

are these unreasonable thoughts of yours? and are mine these awaken nights in these stripped sheets?

How long do I write you nothing more than words? There is a cigarette that blends in the wind and there is a time that badly fades. Don’t suffer, Isa, don’t suffer, my love… There is a moon that lights more than the night and a thought. A perfect feeling for you.


Querida Isa:

são teus esses pensamentos despropositados e são minhas estas noites acordadas em tamanhos lençóis despidos.

Há quanto tempo não te escrevo mais do que palavras? Há um cigarro que se confunde com o vento e há um tempo mal-apagado. Quantos filtros serão precisos para que deixe de doer? não sofras, Isa, não sofras, meu amor, não sofras no trago amargo desse cinzeiro esfumado. Há uma mortalha que se acende sempre no sopro bem-enrolado daquilo que não compreendes. entre a noite e o dia, há muito que não te digo. Uma lua que acende, mais do que a noite e pensamento. Um sentimento perfeito. Amo-te muito. xx


P.s – These letters are real and the love, that one… was beyond the reality.

Love series by The Candour Cabin 

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