For Puella


I love so much butterflies and seeing my work being caressed by a talented artist is so touching, rewarding and satisfying. Which fanzine that I create/made is one of a kind and although they look very primitive they come from a special place – the heart! Thank you so much Puella, this photo and gesture comforted my heart so deeply and it really brighten up my day!

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Is this the beginning or the end of life?


I’ve found this defragment butterfly on the pavement, I’ve collected her body and wings… Is this the beginning or the end of life?

I buried her body in my balcony flowers, something so beautiful deserves to return to an immaculate place where life begins and ends… But I don’t believe in endings, I believe in transformations – endless metamorphoses that will lead us to a higher place.

I kept her wings with me because they were so beautiful, they made me feel close to heaven and made me believe that there is a magical place beyond this reality…

I will find a sacred place in my house where I can rest her wings in peace… Maybe, a little box made of glass, so I can gaze at it with adoration.