Nostalgie in May



Find Me

Dear Diary,

one day, I will return to the place that I verily belong and leave all these dead leaves and broken windows behind. I will gave my bonds to the earth, let it consume the heaviness that I carry on my shoulders and, in this moment, I will no longer fear the darkness of the night. I will fall asleep to never wake up and let the earth devour me till dust — so can I, for once, feel something. Only my soul shall remain beyond reproach of these endless loudly voices. One day, it will be the end and I will become a sylph to be nothing more than a rarefy air.


The Enclosed Garden

11th of September 2016

 We hold in ourselves a suspend place called the enclosed garden. Is fairness is made of sparkling roses, gentle moss and elegant little ivies. Our soul knows keenly this place, full enchantments, because every time she faces a war, it is here that she returns to revive. Mine has been there for a while: bathing in roses, eating the magic from starlights — healing. Now, she breathes profoundly, she is genuine and pure again. She is not covered with the mantel of fears that we all wear. She let it fall into the floor to become moss, and than earth.  She wears now a translucent dress made of hope, mercy and crystalline grace.


Too Unfit

I am trapped in a era that I hardly recognize as mine… Sometimes I am too nostalgic, too romantic, too much of a dreamer, too unfit, too silent for the purposes of this society. I long for a place that no longer exists. I am a witness in this life.


Marie Kondo

I’ve spent all my Saturday taking care of my home. I’m trying to apply Marie Kondo’s method in every corner of it. My biggest resolution of this year is to become a more organized person. There is yet a lot to be done, but let’s see if I am succeed. If you want a happy home, keep only the things that make you happy😊and get rid of the rest.

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