Wonders of the Past



Patch Lifestyle Concept Store

A charming store, located in Oporto, with affordable vintage finds! A couple of weeks ago, I went to this shop and end up buying a black dress from the 50’s: now I am so eager to ware it! //Patch Lifestyle Concept Store Rua do Rosário 193 Porto//



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Dear Diary,

one day, I will return to the place that I verily belong and leave all these dead leaves and broken windows behind. I will gave my bonds to the earth, let it consume the heaviness that I carry on my shoulders and, in this moment, I will no longer fear the darkness of the night. I will fall asleep to never wake up and let the earth devour me till dust — so can I, for once, feel something. Only my soul shall remain beyond reproach of these endless loudly voices. One day, it will be the end and I will become a sylph to be nothing more than a rarefy air.